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Data Collection for
Machine Learning

Raw data is an essential part of any machine learning project but, very often,the needed data is hard to come by. This is why Mindy Support is alleviatingthis burden by collecting the needed training data for our clients.


The Importance of High-Quality Training Data

There is a popular saying in the machine learning community: “Garbage in, garbage out”. If you are training your model on low-quality data, you cannot expect it to function at a high level. This is especially important for projects in the automotive and healthcare industries since any mistake by the model could be fatal.

How Loopernode Can Help With Data Collection

At Loopernode, we understand the importance of having the right training data for your machine learning project and we are also aware of the hurdles standing in the way of obtaining this data. This is why we offer our clients the stress-free approach of letting us collect the needed data set for machine learning so you can focus more attention on developing your product.

Data Types

The Types of Training Data We Collect


Finding a dataset that contains the exact types of images you need can be a time-consuming endeavor. Instead of scouring the internet or paying for a dataset that doesn’t match your needs, trust our data collection for computer vision services will do this work for you. Simply tell us what you are looking for in the images and what you would like the model to learn and we will take it from there. Our services scope covers a wide area of image data collection and image data annotation services for all forms of machine learning and deep learning applications.


We know the amount of audio data necessary to train an NLP, voice-to-text on, or any other machine learning model that can understand human speech. The audio must contain specific nuances found in dialogues such as irony, sarcasm, and many other details. We can collect the needed training data with the right pronunciation lexicons, both general and domain-specific (e.g. names, places, natural numbers). The datasets can also be text corpora annotated for morphological information and named entities.


Nowadays machines are being taught how to read, understand, analyze, and produce text in a valuable way for technological interactions with humans. However, in order for a machine to understand the natural language of humans they need to be trained with sufficient amounts of quality data. We can collect the data set for machine learning with all kinds of sentiments (positive, negative, or neutral) and also with the right intent behind the text, such as a command, request, or confirmation.


Biometric data sets can be hard to find since this is personal data resulting from specific technical processing relating to the physical, physiological, or behavioral characteristics of a natural person. This can be things like facial images, geolocations, and lots of other data. We can help you collect the needed training data while remaining compliant with all of the laws and regulations surrounding the collection and handling of such data.

Any Other Type Upon Request

If you need a training data set that was not mentioned above, we can collect the needed data for you via special request. We understand that there are many different types of machine learning projects and all of them require very specific training data. Our data collection company for machine learning is one of the largest in Eastern Europe which makes us confident that we can collect any data you may need.

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